PCPD / AAHS Ancient Artifact Photo Gallery

2007 was the 2nd Ancient Artifact Show presented by Pickaway County Park District and Ashville Area Heritage Society.
Mainly to show artifacts from the Pickaway County Area, people came to see and display theirs' and others'  findings and collections.
Archeologist Dr. Jarrod Burks gave an nice informative presentation, and Jarrol Anderson and Jeb Bowen were there identifying objects for a group of 80 - 100 people who came.  Jim Reed was there again (he was also at the 2006 show), John Barnhart brought his extensive collection along with others.
Below are some pictures of the show.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.
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Jim Reed

John Barnhart

John Barnhart came with his extensive collection

Dr. Jarrod Burks, Jeb Bown, and ? and Ken Speakman checking out an artifact.

Ken Speakman had a special attraction to the perfection of a spearpoint in this group of artifacts.