Pickaway Trail Map
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Visitor’s Bureau See us on Facebook Google Map View of Pickaway Trail Click to see Pickaway Trail old railroad abutments -  a stream called Lick Run needs to be crossed until a bridge is put in. See Facebook Pickaway Trail Gallery Click to see a photo gallery Columbus Audubon's Calamus Swamp which connects to Pickaway Trail Pickaway Trail entrance and parking area on west side of Canal Rd is now paved. Getting started westward on Pickaway Trail from Canal Rd. There is a nature preserve about 1000 ft. south of the Sisk Road entrance to Pickaway Trail where parking is possible on the west side of the road. Click to see parking area  possible at Nature Preserve  about 1000 ft south of  entrance to Pickaway Trail Click to see parking possible at  the Calamus Swamp parking lot Parking at Calamus Swamp good for Pickaway Trail too.  There are no signs on Rt 104 and it's easy to miss the lot. This part of the trail extending to the east off the canal (accessable off of Towpath Trail) leads to a dead end where the old bridge abutments are. Pickaway Trail bypasses an area - goes around and back over to the rail bed farther west