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    Shelter House Reservation Rules

    1. The Pickaway County Park District is not responsible for lost and/or damaged property accidents or injuries incurred while using Districts facilities.

    2. Those reserving the shelter house will be responsible for all persons in the group using park and shelter and will be held liable for any damage done to the shelter during their reservation.

    3. The shelter house and all tables must be cleaned before leaving the space.

    4. No tables may be removed from the shelter.

    5. No nails, tacks or staples are to be used to secure table covers or decorations. Tape may be used but must be removed before vacating shelter house.

    6. No confetti, glitter and/or similar decorations.

    7. All trash must be REMOVED from the park before vacating shelter house. No trash receptacles are provided so please plan accordingly.

    8. ALCOHOLIC beverages are strictly prohibited in the park at all times.

    9. The park closes at dark – you are to be out of the shelter house no later than dark unless previous arrangement with the District have been made.

    10. Fires are permitted ONLY in designated fire pit/ring. All fires must be properly extinguished.

    11. Portable grills are prohibited inside the pavilion/shelter house and may not be located closer than 25′ from any structure.

    12. Parking will only be permitted in designated areas.

    13. All rules and regulations established by the Pickaway County Park District must be observed.

    14. Any group that abuses a pavilion/shelter or violates rules and regulations will not be issued future reservations, and charges for damage may be assessed.

    15. Pets are permitted in the shelter houses but must be on a leash. Please dispose of pet waste properly.

    I do hereby agree to abide by all rules and regulations stated above in the “General Rules” of the Shelter House Reservations.