Cooks Creek

The District is working with Appalachia Ohio Alliance, AOA, to convert Cooks Creek Golf Course to Cooks Creek Nature Preserve. AOA, with the assistance of a EPA WRRSP Grant, has completed the purchase of the 300 acre property from the Cook family. The District will be purchasing 25 acres from AOA, which will include the Club house. The District is working with AOA to also have agreements to use the existing cart paths as trails. Currently the District has a lease agreement for this property and is expecting to close with AOA in November of 2022. The District does not expect the property to be open to the public until the late 2024. The opening of the property to the public is contingent on closing dates and how long it will takes to get the property ready for park visitors.

The District’s plans for the property include using the club house as the Main Park Office, and are exploring the possibility of converting the club house into a nature center and/or an event center. The District also expects to have a portion of the existing cart paths into walking trails.

Please note that the site is NOT open to the public.