Experience Earth Camp: A Fun-Filled Environmental Education Adventure

Last week, the District, in collaboration with Pickaway Soil and Water and RPHF Solid Waste District, successfully hosted the third annual Experience Earth and Jr. Experience Earth Camp at the breathtaking Cooks Creek Nature Preserve. The event spanned over four days and welcomed a total of 90 enthusiastic campers, eager to immerse themselves in a world of environmental education and discovery.

The Earth Camps’ primary objective was to inspire young minds and teach about wildlife and our environment is a fun engaging way. Throughout the duration of the camps, participants engaged in a variety of activities designed to foster appreciation for nature and our natural world.

Each day of the camp was thoughtfully planned to provide a diverse and engaging experience for the campers. Participants delved into a wide array of environmental-focused topics, gaining valuable insights into sustainability, wildlife, while getting to experience our natural world first hand. Led by knowledgeable instructors, the campers were able to interact and ask questions, making the learning process interactive and enjoyable.

The camp organizers were determined to make learning fun, and as such, they incorporated games and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities into the schedule. These interactive games not only entertained the campers but also encouraged them to problem solve an think outside of the box.

One of the highlights of the camp was the special visits from two fantastic programs: Cool Critters Outreach and the Touch-a-Truck Program. Cool Critters Outreach brought fascinating wildlife ambassadors, allowing the campers to get up close and personal with various animals.

The Touch-a-Truck Program, provided by Harrison Township EMS, County Engineers, County EMA, South Bloomfield Police, and the Black Family Farm, added an exciting twist to the camp. Campers were thrilled to explore emergency service vehicles, farm equipment, and other machinery, discovering how these play crucial roles in in our county.

The success of the third annual Experience Earth and Jr. Experience Earth Camp can be attributed to the dedication and collaboration of various organizations and volunteers. It exemplified how a united community effort can have a profound impact on shaping young minds and nurturing their appreciation for the environment.

As the camp concluded, the young participants returned home not only with cherished memories but also armed with newfound knowledge that we hope will inspire them to continue to learn and care for our natural world. The District and its partners look forward to continuing this annual tradition, providing a platform for young learners to connect with nature . The success of this year’s Earth Camps serves as a reminder that investing in environmental education today will yield a brighter and healthier tomorrow for generations to come.